Living life on the borderline

Blah, blah, blah.

Posted on: March 22, 2010

CAMHS went okay, even they’re surprised at me getting my diagnosis through the post and they were proud of me for standing up for myself at my review.

The Dr saw the BPD diagnosis written on my report and was just like, “Oh. Blimey.” I was almost in hysterics when I came out, when it wasn’t even funny. That was pretty much my reaction. “Gutted”.

I go back to the unit later on though I don’t know when for sure. If I get back earlier enough, I’ll catch the doctors when they come onto the unit for ward round, so they can answer my questions then. And I am getting my questions answered. They can’t just dump this on me and not let me talk about it.

Ah man, Cash In The Attic just came on and that woman really annoys me. She’s excelled herself at looking absolutely insane today, and I would know. I may not be crazy all the time, but when I do, at least it’s a genuine crazy.

I’m going to ring the special needs school on Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) about my placement, I hope I get it. It’s my interview for college on Friday as well, so nervous! I need to get all the experience working with children I can get, as they like people who are doing health and social care/social work to have previous experience. And I’m guessing they like people who work in CAMHS teams to have plenty of experience too.

Oh I’m all excited and nervous and lots of feelings at the same time!

I need to finish writing my cards to give to some of the patients at the unit before I go, but I have no idea what to say. “Get well soon”? Not really. I’ll think of something.


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I'm an 18 year old girl/woman/person of the female gender who blogs about growing up, living with mental health problems and her experience with the NHS mental health services, both CAMHS and CMHTs. Expect plenty of teenage angst and general craziness. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

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