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Nuggets of wisdom from the psychiatric community.

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Short post for now but hold onto your hats, guys, this is some pretty deep stuff.

A few former posts have been on the topic of my (have not got any) eating problems. Being the brave bee in a bonnet that I am, I tried really hard to talk to the mental health team about them and how I was feeling. My previous post goes into my discussion with my psychiatrist, for example. I have been given some advice which I think I should share with you all.

If you have an eating disorder, if you make yourself sick, if you panic at the sight of a meal, if you starve yourself, if you binge, if the mere idea of eating makes you feel disgusting and dirty…

….plan and eat a healthy, well balanced diet of three meals a day, plus snacks.


If you have trouble eating one meal, how the very hell are you meant to be able to sit down and plan a nice balanced diet with three meals a day, plus snacks? And not throw up? And not run up and down the stairs twenty times? And just deal with it?

I may be dissing some really good advice here, but, still.

I’m off to eat a healthy, balanced, planned breakfast now. Cup of coffee in one hand and an apple/banana in the other.


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