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Posted on: July 22, 2010

I should be sleeeeping. Although I’ve slept all day, apart from music tutoring and CAMHS, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not tired.

EastEnders are currently running a storyline focusing on the character Ronnie’s history of sexual abuse by her father. Not so great for my state of mind (see previous posts), but I will be writing a post about the portrayal of abuse in the media fairly soon. When it won’t send me crazy.

Met with my therapist and psychiatrist today, we were talking about my transistion to the CMHT. Deep joy. I said I will be printing off guidelines and such to take to the “getting to know you” meeting with my new psych and therapist, so that they know I know what I’m entitled to by way of support. They laughed. I don’t know why, I’m actually not joking.

 Apparently the maximum amount of therapy you get with our CMHT is 15 sessions. I actually laughed at that. I wish 15 sessions were enough for me. It’s taken me a year just to raise the issue of another experience of abuse. 15 sessions is usually around when I stop wanting to knock them out and start using actual words in the session. I’ve heard loads of bad reports about adult mental health services, so I pretty much hate them already. Apparently the psychiatrist that’s the head of the team I’ll be under is very attractive. I may not tell him all about my crazies, just incase.

I have a hard few months coming up. Leaving CAMHS, starting college, etc.

In other news, my antidepressants have been upped because I’m “officially” depressed again. Thanks a lot, goodnight.

I’m really tempted to just boycott the whole of idea of going to the CMHT. Turning up for a few sessions and then… not go. I’m not going to even put myself in the position of maybe getting let down. If they’re anything like the psychiatric unit doctors were like, I’ll just kick something over and walk out.

I wonder if they’re expecting somebody quiet and relatively unaware of mental health services… they’re in for a shock, aren’t they?


3 Responses to "Tut."

You know my views on the length of therapy…agree that 15 sessions is just about the starting point. It took me a year to even really raise the abuse issues too, and for people with complex trauma issues and personality disorders, they really ought to make provisions for that. These issues are not like a mild to moderate case of depression that can be supposedly cured with a course of CBbloodyT.

So good for you hun – don’t take their crap lying down.

Good luck with the transition and everything; I’ll be following your progress and hoping it goes as smoothly as possible. xxx

[…] her transition from CAHMS to an adult CMHT, after having heard of the severe limitations of their therapeutic services. Met with my therapist and psychiatrist today, we were talking about my transistion to the CMHT. […]

Wow. 15 sessions only? I think that makes me appreciate my private health insurance in a mandatory health insurance state. I have to say, in the last ten years of being crazy, I’ve had about 50 appointments with my psychiatrist, and I’ve only had drugs for five years.
Best of luck with your change over. Truly, there needs to be the admission that continual therapy is a preventative of many greater cost episodes.

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