Living life on the borderline

Not a smart move.

Posted on: July 31, 2010

I called Childline about the whole issue with my “abuser” making threats. Foolishly told my mum that they have said they were concerned and wanted me to go to the police.

Here’s the deal: I will never, ever go to the police about him. If he turned up, I would call 999 but otherwise, no. No police. Nothing to do with them.

And I’m incredibly stubborn. I would deny any knowledge of what’s happened. I would not speak.

But now my mum’s all worried and upset. I just can’t keep my big mouth shut.

Why does my life crash into drama after drama? >:[


1 Response to "Not a smart move."

Hey hon, this post struck a nerve with me. I dont know your story yet with your abuser and abuse etc, but I do hope you are able to keep yourself physically safe.

I know how hard it is with police. When I was your age, 16, I disclosed that I was sexually abused for years in my childhood. This lead to police reports, interviews etc etc..

I know the proper advice is to always break the silence, but for me personally, I lost everything. The positive is that im physically safe, I suppose.

Sorry for my ramble


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