Living life on the borderline

To the darkness.

Posted on: May 9, 2011

So I know this blog is primarily about personality disorder & my experiences of it – this could well be related to it but the following post will mainly have triggers for eating disorders &… I don’t know what. It’s just not very nice things being talked about.

At the moment, I am having real issues with night-time. It’s coming up to “bedtime” for me now & I can already feel my heart thumping. I know this sounds incredibly immature but let me explain..

I don’t know quite what’s going on, but I am… obsessed over the idea of being kidnapped from my bed in the night & nobody hearing. Stolen, for want of a better word. Why? I don’t know. I’m not worth being stolen in the first place. I have researched kidnappings, forced disappearences, missing people, etc. to a great degree. I frequent the UK Missing People website regularly, as well as the Kidnappings & Missing Persons section of the FBI website. As I say, I don’t think I’m worth being stolen, apart from sexual slavery maybe. I can’t see why the governments or intelligence services would want to take me because I have no information. Statistically, I have a better chance of waking up in the same bed in the morning in the UK than the US. Unexplained disappearences are more likely in America, including people that just… aren’t there the next morning. It’s not even what would happen to me if I was taken, it’s the empty bed the next day.

Recently, I’ve been feeling more fragmented in a dissociative sense. I’m going from very young (maybe around 5 or 6), to whoreish teenager (13+?) to some ageless personification of anger & destructive power. I forget periods of time, a few minutes to a few hours. Sometimes I am here but not. I have dreams where *I* have died & nobody wants to touch my corpse because it stinks so bad, so I have to find my remains somewhere. Locked up in the boot of a car, cut up & scattered in a ditch… & what’s scaring me so much is that one day I won’t be here anymore. I will be at the mercy of whatever power is trapped in my mind. My bed will be empty one morning, because “outwardly” won’t be there. It brings a whole new meaning to “losing your mind”. Your mind is lost, but where does it go? Some of these missing people are never found & declared legally dead after a while. Will that happen to me? Outwardly will be stolen by the powers & declared legally dead – it won’t be me inhabiting this body. Where will I have gone? One day I might forget time & never come back & where will have I gone?

I am struggling with my eating disorder at the moment. Obviously I am still grossly fat, my weight is hardly budging except for a few pounds. I am having a lot of blood tests right now as the purging is messing around with the levels of… stuff. I think I’m going to buy an exercise bike & exercise during the night, so I am awake & can try & avoid being stolen as much as possible. Sometimes I think all these weird thoughts with the flashbacks are making me lose my mind.

& so the fight for treatment goes on. At the moment, I don’t think I’m strong enough to cope with a session of being called a horrible person by my care team, so I’m avoiding them. They don’t believe I have an eating disorder, although my physical health provides evidence otherwise, & so the eating disorder team/unit cannot start treatment until the CMHT let go. I’m reaching the point where I don’t want help. It’s enevitable that I will get stolen, or my heart will just give the middle finger salute & give out, so why am I trying?

I will probably delete this at some point, I sound pathetic.


1 Response to "To the darkness."

I don’t think you sound pathetic. I don’t have the same fear of disappearing in the night – though when I was younger I did (I was, on a nightly basis, convinced that paramilitaries were outside my bedroom door). The missing persons obsession – I so get that. I don’t know quite how to put it into words; mystified morbidity, maybe? How can someone just not be there?!

Same thing with death. It reminds me of an obsession I have with the mysteries of the cosmos. How can it be so vast, so ancient, so unexplorable? Where did it all come from, where will it all go? I have to actively suppress these kinds of thoughts as I know they’d drive me into a madness of the stereotyped ilk that society knows of (ha, it’s no coincidence that some of the world’s greatest philosophers and speculative scientists went mental!).

Sorry, I’m babbling – I just mean that, on some sort of instinctive level, I understand your situation. I was going to say ‘fascination’ and I suppose in the most literal of senses that may be right, but it doesn’t feel so. But you know what I mean, I hope.

As for the rest of the stuff – for the little they’re worth, please have some *big hugs* from me.

Sorry for this being such a shite comment.

Take care

Pan xxx

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