Living life on the borderline

Change on the horizon?…

Posted on: September 1, 2011

Hello lovely ones in the madosphere! I have been terribly neglectful of late with this blog. So I shall provide a muchly narcisstic bullet-pointed list of how I’ve been over the past few months.

  • I entered a crisis house for several weeks, after uh… going mad again! The big, black, back-breaking boulder of depression hit me full force. My hair remained unwashed for a longer period of time than I’d like to admit on a public forum.
  • My official complaint to my NHS Trust regarding my treatment has been completed.
  • The results of such aree….



…….wait for it….

I am no longer diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder! Yay 🙂
But I have some new diagnoses! Woe 😦
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which came as a complete surprise(!), depression & some form of strangely creature called anorexia. I say some form because it’s one of those murky areas of… psychiatric diagnosis that is never really clear. It’s all very smoky & mystical & mad!

  • I may be approaching another “hyper” episode because I have not slept at all in several days & various other symptoms that are too boring to type down.
  • I am starting college again very shortly, to study art. Oh yes! I am being frivolous!
  • I may be changing this blog. As now technically I don’t “live life on the borderline” but “live life as a panicky, depressed anorexic”, I would like to blog more about the issues I (hopefully!) overcome growing up & going through education & blah.

Has anyone noticed I really really REALLY cannot concentrate on what I’m doing? I must sedate myself & try to get some sleep. Eeven 2 hours would be fabulous.

Humble apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth x


1 Response to "Change on the horizon?…"

oh this is really good news. I notice how now you re talking about yourself differently since losing the bpd label, I am glad. sorry if I am being a bit presumptuous in saying that. Well done you for seeing the complaint through. That is so brave. Mel

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