Living life on the borderline

A smart move.

Posted on: September 4, 2011

ALL of the consultant psychiatrists in my area (a grand total of… 2?) have decided to go away at the same time. We poor mentalists can either arrive screaming & mildly psychotic at the double doors of the psychiatric hospital, be told to “distract yourself” (the goddamn spiders are distracting me enough) by the duty psychiatrist at A+E… or just deal with it for another week or so.




3 Responses to "A smart move."

Two is a very small number of psychiatrists to service a whole area. :/ That would be really tough if there are no psychiatrists available when people may be ill and need to see one… x

The other patients/service users/someone I’ve been talking to have said their psychiatrist (the other one from mine) is away and my care-coordinator said there are no psychiatrists available at the moment so I don’t know… I would’ve thought there would be more than two, but I live in a small area so no idea!

All anyone, anywhere says is, ‘try to distract yourself’… Doesn’t matter what it’s for, auditory halucinations, visual halucinations, self harm/suicidal ideation or food related ‘issues’… Distraction, distraction, distraction, sorry for the profanity, bullshit… All crap. If you’re already in an intense state of mind, there’s no way that you can ‘distract’ yourself, well for me it’s that way anyway… Even if I try my hardest… It usually ends up in an IM. I hate hospitals. Psychiatric hospitals are the worst. Hateithateithateit.

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