Living life on the borderline

A crisis.

Posted on: November 21, 2011

“Crisis team” sounds rather grandiose, doesn’t it? It sounds like a group of sweaty, burly, self-sacrificing embodiments of human kindness, responding to major natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, rebuilding homes and hand-feeding tiny children.

Actually, a “crisis team” tells you to go for a walk and have a bath when you’ve decided to end your life.

Maybe crisis care services in the NHS are actually exhibiting signs of acute mania, demonstrated by symptoms of grandiose, delusional behaviour.

…. and I’m in the crazypeoplehousecentre again. Balls.


2 Responses to "A crisis."

Quite – I feel they (the Crisis Team) need a catchy theme tune so you know when they’re coming, something like ghostbuster “who’re ya gonna call not the crisis team”…

Fuckers. Sorry for foul language, but I’ve just found your blog, and your post made me MAD. I experienced the same sort of thing a few weeks ago when I rang my crisis team and ended up speaking to someone who a) didn’t speak english properly (and I mean really not properly) and b) told me to eat some hot soup. I wanted to kill myself also and I was talking to someone who might as well have been working for a frigging takeaway! Sorry to sound remotely racist, which I’m totally not by the way. I just feel that anyone working in medicine of any kind should be able to speak english really fluently, and anyone working in mental health should know that feeling suicidal is not cured by drinking hot soup! Explanation from my MHT – oh, we’ve made some changes to how teams work, and obviously some of the teams haven’t quite caught up…

I wonder if you’d be in the loony bin if someone had been on hand to talk you round properly… maybe not. Really hope that you get better over the next few days – hospital can be hideous and it is never nice to have to go in, but in all, it will hopefully keep you safe.

Take care,

Clarissa X

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