Living life on the borderline

The power of words.

Posted on: November 24, 2011

*eating disorder number trigger – as if you haven’t read the DSM criterion for eating disorders..*


I’m too tired to write about how things are going while in the epicbinoflooniness. As an interesting aside, I’ve never experienced mania from the perspective of someone on the outside. I can virtually cut off and they will continue at high speed, rapidly changing from subject to subject with no obvious link between the two. It’s an experience.

Today I had a check-up by the GP and as I got sent for the standard blood test, I noticed on the form that the reason given was bulimia. The doctor said it was because using other words wouldn’t do any good and that facing what things really are is what starts recovery.

Up until now, it’s always been “poor nutrition”, “repeated vomiting” or some vague term. But seeing the word “bulimia” written just makes me want to cry. Partly because it’s very crap and partly because someone’s acknowledged that, at least regarding my eating, I’m not just a time-waster or attention-seeking or “an emotional woman” or not sick enough to be actually sick because my BMI is over 17.5 or a crazyborderline.

I’m poorly and someone’s noticed and I want to cry. Weird.


1 Response to "The power of words."

its fantastic that theyve acknowledged this, and that theyre helping you!
Thinking of you, Alice x

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