Living life on the borderline

See bee ay.

Posted on: February 14, 2012

That “cba” feeling is reaching new levels of stupidity.

Doctors can’t decide what’s wrong with me? If I killed myself, they wouldn’t have to bother.

Friends wondering why I have no job and I can barely keep up with college? Wondering why I’m not happy? Killing myself would save having to answer repetitive questions.

Bad night’s sleep? Overdose.

Don’t really fancy tonight’s dinner? Eating is energy I don’t have to spare. I could just die instead.


Reminds me of that chapter/scene in Girl, Interrupted. Everything seems easily solvable by suicide, right down to missing your bus or whatever. But apparently my anti-depressants are working really well and my mood has lifted, so that’s great. I dread to think how I’d feel if I were actually depressed.

Diagnostic flavour for February: ???? unknown.


1 Response to "See bee ay."

I really hope you’re feeling happier today, I know how everything can seem like killing yourself is the best option sometimes but I hope you know that the world is a better place with you in it.
Take care x

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