Living life on the borderline

Still here.

Posted on: March 6, 2012

It’s gone 2am. Why does my brain think this time of morning is acceptable for deep thought?

Many apologies for not updating my blog as much as I’d like to or hope to. Severe writer’s block lately – lots of things to write about but no idea how to express them in words, or even music or art lately. Every. Single. Day. is a “I’m feeling uninspired” day and people don’t put up with them for long.

I hope to update more soon.

Hope everyone is okay and I’m really sorry again x


2 Responses to "Still here."

It sucks having writers/artists block, I hope you get the creative feeling again soon x

I have many of those days. I usually just want to crawl back into bed and pretend I have no obligations to the day. Unfortunately no one will let me do that. Sometimes when I feel uninspired to write, I browse other blogs, the internet, or my music/movie collections. Or I just sit in front of my computer and type the first thing that comes to mind (no matter how random). If it’s usable, I expand; if not, I just keep repeating the process. Keep with it, this is a great thing you’re doing – not only for yourself, but for others who might not be able to put words to what they’re going through. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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I'm an 18 year old girl/woman/person of the female gender who blogs about growing up, living with mental health problems and her experience with the NHS mental health services, both CAMHS and CMHTs. Expect plenty of teenage angst and general craziness. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

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