Living life on the borderline


Oh yes – I am that egotistical!!

When I was first voyaging into mentalism, I remember the majority of my Google searches were along the lines of “what happens when you get referred to CAMHS?” or “can you be put on medication under 18?”. When I joined the AMHS – “what’s an AMHS” – my searches revolved around terms that I heard during psychiatrist/psychologist appointments, like types of diagnoses or what a Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment Team actually did. Reading academic literature was all well and good, but I really wanted to hear from other people who actually had experience of CAMHS, medication, CRHTTs, etc. So did my family, who had next to no idea about mental health issues.

To that end, if anyone has any specific experiences they’d like to find out more about from a strictly personal point of view, then let me know in the comments and I will try and knock out something about it. Obviously treatment styles, etc. vary from place to place and I am not a replacement for your GP/physician (unfortunately) but I’d be more than happy to talk about my experiences if it meant helping someone.

Depending on how awesome & wacky the request is, I may push myself to write about other topics like how to dress up like a toaster for a fancy dress party. Perhaps. For an undetermined sum of money. :0

outwardly x


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I'm an 18 year old girl/woman/person of the female gender who blogs about growing up, living with mental health problems and her experience with the NHS mental health services, both CAMHS and CMHTs. Expect plenty of teenage angst and general craziness. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

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